Rarebird Records

Time and time again we drive past this place to and from town, and this time I FINALLY got to stop by Rarebird Records. "There's 80 years worth of collectibles and records here" I was told by the homeowner, John Browder (this is run out of his garage).  John's Ma owned Rarebird Records, formerly a record shop in Davison, MI. John told me that a lot of big names in the biz loved his Ma and would always come through. I was very surprised to see photos and autographs from Pavarotti and others, and John also said that Bob Seger and Ted Nugent would frequent the shop. What is housed in John's garage in Harrisville is all that's left, but is still a VERY impressive collection. I'm disappointed to have not found ANY information regarding Rarebird Records so if you happen to find anything, let me know!