Throwback Thursday: Guitars. Sunshine. Detroit City.

I've had such a great time shooting (video) for myJewishDetroit and we've come a long way since it's inception. I was thinking back to a post that featured yours truly, alongside several other "newbies" to Federation. It was a fun piece to participate in and includes some bits and pieces as to the work we do, respectively, and some Detroit lovin'. It's a fun, easy read.

Even MORE fun was the photo shoot. Now, I'm a big music-man and I love where I'm from, so I am very proud of this photo that encompasses two of my loves. Anyway, just some Throwback Thursday fun to share. A big thank you to my friend, Anna Kohn, who recommended this particular mural and bear hugs to my friend and co-worker, John Hardwick, for the photo!

July, 2013: At the corner of Beaufait and Charlevoix, Detroit, MI.